Position Title: Library Officer

Company: City of Westminster

Location: Westminster, London borough, UK

Job Description:

Our vision at Westminster City Council (WCC) is very clear – we want to create a City for All, in which every local resident, business and visitor is able to thrive. This is an opinion that is also held by our friends at the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea (RBKC), so we have formulated a number of high-performing bi-borough servicesWith the combined resources and expertise that exists within both councils, these services enable us to put our combined population at the heart of every decision, driving the best possible value for money.


  • Take Serena. She is an absolute force of nature at the heart of our Church Street regeneration.
  • And she puts the residents first in everything. Serena’s vision is clear. Regeneration isn’t just about bricks and concrete. It’s about communities.It’s about the environment.
  • It’s about the lives of people and how they feel about where they call home. Serena is their advocate, making sure residents’ voices aren’t just heard, but drive the changes we’re making.
  • The future is safe in her hands. Our highly valued Library Service is the perfect example of how shared services can better cater to the varied needs of a community that straddles areas ranging from iconic neighbourhoods such as Covent Garden through to less affluent areas such as Latimer Road. Bringing together a number of libraries across the two boroughs, we are focussed on creating inspirational and safe spaces in which our residents can learn, read and connect – and with you in our team, we will achieve even more.


  • Every day will present you with new opportunities, but on a general basis, you can expect to welcome customers to the library and help them with their information and learning needs.
  • Providing them with support to access the information they are seeking; you will have the patience to teach customers how to use new and existing technology ranging from the internet through to applications.
  • You will also direct them to the right resources and get actively involved in recommending content and locating the information that they need. Ensuring the library always maintains a safe and appealing environment, you will work in partnership with volunteers and external organisations to arrange, promote and facilitate high-quality events to the community.
  • This includes Storytime and activities for children of all ages, and sessions for under 5s. Across all that you do, you’ll help adults and children develop a love of reading and learning, and you will be keen to get involved in a wide array of extra projects such as income generating opportunities and the chance to champion the library through social media.